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Logbook Features

Logbook lets you keep a record of all your professional activities that you’ve conducted, such as Emergency cases, OPD consultations, Procedures, Surgeries, Academic activities, Publications, etc.
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Individual logbook for each category

Create different subcategories of logbooks depending on your choice.

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Insights of each case

Add additional insights, history, diagnosis, treatment plan and special remarks in each case.

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Download in a WORD and PDF

Get a Print-ready logbook whenever you need. You can download your logs in a WORD and PDF format.

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Get your data in a structured manner

Logbook will segregate the mixed data and will provide a statistical analysis of your activities individually.

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Free to use

Logbook is a free to use tool and there are no charges associated with it.

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Timely Reminders

A regular notification according to your ease/ daily/ weekly/ fortnightly, to remind you to fill in your logs before you forget it.

How logbook helps?

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Simplifies academic tenure

Logbook helps you to simplify your academic period by helping you to create a log report of your activities during your internship period.

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Analytics Report to strengthen your CV

The analytics report can be attached to make your CV stand out. You can get a print and authorize it by the Head of the Department.

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Keep a record of your professional achievements

Maintain a record of your professional achievements and accomplishments.

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Segregate your data category wise

Segregate your data as per your wish, to get a category-wise or timeline-wise breakdown.

Logbook is for

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Why Healthcare professionals should use a digital logbook?

Using a logbook is as easy as listening to heartbeats with a stethoscope on!

It's easy & effortless

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Logbook is a virtual activity tracker designed specifically for healthcare professionals; it helps you to keep track of your daily medical activity so you can access and showcase your professional work analytics in a statistical format.
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